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A common oral health condition that often arises in children is known as thumb sucking. Although thumb sucking is often seen in many young children, it needs to be discouraged as much as possible because it can lead to oral health issues with the growth of a child’s teeth, along with several other problems as well. Common facts associated with thumb sucking can be found below:

– Thumb sucking can inhibit the proper growth of a child’s teeth.
– Issues with thumb sucking include changes in the alignment of a child’s teeth and their mouth.
– An alternative treatment to wean a child off of thumb-sucking includes the use of pacifiers.
– Thumb sucking is dangerous for your child’s smile because they can often move harmful bacteria and germs into their mouth.
– If your child has not stopped sucking their thumb by the time they are 4 years old, bring them into their dentist for the application of a bitter tasting medication on their thumbs.
– Thumb sucking is often linked to a feeling of insecurity with your child, so always be sure to praise them and build their confidence.

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